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Michael Chu’di Ejekam On Real Estate

 Michael Chu’di Ejekam knows real estate, especially commercial real estate in the retail sector. Over the years, he has had the pleasure of working on many development projects that have benefitted people in the United States, as well as throughout West Africa. These development projects have not only stimulated the local economies, but also highlight how the “retail revolution” has impacted consumers and changed the way people expect to experience a shopping experience to be.

Michael Chu’di Ejekam: Innovative Ideas and In-Depth Knowledge

As an honors graduate of the prestigious Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Ejekam has a firm background in the industry. His Ivy League education has helped him throughout his career. First, while working as a Wall Street investment banker at Merrill Lynch, and then later, while working for an American private real estate investment and development firm with interests in $2 billion of real estate assets. These experiences combined made him the ideal choice as the  Director Real Estate for West Africa for Actis. For seven years, he served the  $7.5 billion private equity firm, while it was the most active retail developer in sub-Saharan Africa. He provided the company with the necessary insights on demographics, potential challenges, and factors of success, enabling the company to take part in the creation of Lagos, Nigeria’s first certified green commercial building and several retail shopping malls throughout the region. Overall, he originated more than $700 million in retail projects with the firm, including Ikeja City Mall Lagos, Jabi Lake Mall Abuja, and Accra Mall, among others. The expansive list contains the largest retail malls in all of Ghana, Nigeria, and broader West Africa.

Michael Chu’di Ejekam as a Leading Expert in the Industry

These successes have put Mr. Ejekam in high demand with the media when they need to gain insight into a trend or the real estate market. He’s commonly interviewed by journalists and is also consulted by some of the industry’s most notable agencies and firms. His expertise spans the whole breadth of real estate, though commercial real estate in the retail sector is certainly his strong suit and passion. Moreover, he has a proven track record of full cycle retail investment and development. This includes site origination, equity investment, planning approvals, development management, tenant leasing, asset management and exit strategies.

Real Estate Info From Michael Chu’di Ejekam

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